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Body SDS treatment

The treatment that clears away symptoms and makes room for you.

Body SDS is widely known to be extremely effective.

The body’s symptoms are all signals that there are areas that are out of focus.

Either you are doing too much or too little. Your body reflects how you live your life, so if you are working against your own body’s signals, they get louder until you start listen. 

To be rid of symptoms, you must change your movement patterns. By treating your body, you will get in closer contact with those parts of your body that are imbalanced, and when you feel your body getting closer to balance, the symptoms will disappear. In order to keep them at bay, you then need to keep the internal balance of your body going.

In general the treatment increases :
• Wellbeing

• Balance

• Peace

• Energy

• Breathing

• Mobility

• Blood flow

• General health

• Presence

The treatment soothes:

• Shoulders
• Back
•Lower back
• Arms
• Legs
• Headache
• Wrist
• Elbows
• Ankles
• Knees
• Arthritis
• Stress
• Calcifications

The treatment also helps alleviate mental symptom conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress and self-esteem problems. Through body contact and conversations about your mental state, you will be able to get rid off associations with certain emotions and thought patterns. By listening, feeling and breathing through it, rather than fighting against it, you’ll balance your body and mind.

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The treatment: I will meet you where you are

During treatment you’ll be covered with a blanket, and lay on the floor in underwear or loose clothing. It is better if you don’t wear a hanger bra. 

I’ll meet you where you are, which helps to make my treatments more empathetic – I’ll always respect your limits.

If it’s your first time, I’ll tell you about what you can expect to feel during the treatment. Everyone is unique, and the experience varies from person to person and from treatment to treatment. It’s important that you feel safe and are able to relax when you come here. 

 You know your body better than anyone else, so my treatments is built around what you say. I’ll ask you how you’re feeling and what you need my help with. My treatment is all about bringing you in closer contact with your body - it knows better than anyone else what you need and what you don’t need. A big part of the treatment is therefore about getting you to be breathe more deeply while feeling your body. On the couch, your muscles, joints and your breath will be brought into harmony through rhythmic pulsation and pressure. The intensity and depth of the massage varies according to your body.

 At the end of the treatment, the pace comes down. You might feel differences in your body temperature and breathing. Sometimes you'll feel a quite small vibration deep inside of you, which can feel like blood rolling, muscles quivering, nerves that subsides, or just an inner pulsing.

 After the treatment, it can be good to have some time to yourself to digest the effects of it.

Your Options

Many problems occur because there are areas of our lives that we haven’t given enough attention to or been aware of. We can also overdo certain movements, exercise too much or eat unhealthy, all of which cause the the body to experience internal or external pressure.

Some patterns are so deep and inherited, that we cannot see them because we take them for granted. This is life, this is how I am.

People need to break these patterns and habits for a period of time. That can be done by working out differently, changing your diet or simply slowing down the pace for a day and seeing how your body responds. You can also try to fast or settle with certain nutrient sources and see how it affects the feeling of being you.

You can receive endless treatments that can transform from day one, when you finally realize what helps you and what does not help you.

Basic Training

The basic training is a part of Body SDS treatment

Basic training is part of Body SDS treatment. The training takes place with bare feet on a wooden floor. We start here, and work our way towards achieving balance in the position of our joints. Our breathing and basic position is our starting point and something to which we return during the workout. The aim is to position our joints in the correct place relative to each other - our muscle tonus is processed for optimal with respect to the joint positions.

The training is structured in three stages.

1) The first is a movement through seven stages, where we move through the body's joints from the bottom to the top: toes, knees, waist, spine, shoulders, neck and arms. This stage is often heavy and challenging for people who are experiencing it for the first time. This helps to restore our inner foundation, which grounds us and brings higher sky over our heads.

2) Next, we use playful exercises to get your heart rate up and strengthen your center.This improves coordination of our movements and the training gets slightly easier.

3.) US exercises, expanding astringent. As the name suggests, this stretches and compresses something. We lie in different positions, breathe and moves around the body against external positions. Our nerves are impacted and the body’s muscles will become supple/flexible. This brings balance, as the joints are pushed beyong their natural limits.

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